Land of remembrance and history

For many centuries, the frontier zone covered by the Eurometropolis area has been a battlefield of Europe due to its geographical location at the crossroads of nations' destiny. The area has preserved numerous scars as well as an exceptional historical and commemorative heritage. 

The frontline of the First World War crossed Flanders and the Picardie region. The In Flanders Fields museum in Ypres retraces the history of daily life in the trenches. On the other side of the square, you can read on the walls of the Menenpoort, a memorial gate resembling a Roman triumph, the names of 54.896 soldiers of the British Empire who disappeared during this war. Since 1928, the "Last Post" can be heard every night at 8 o'clock p.m., echoing under the impressive vaults. In the Region of the Lys, the Flanders Field American cemetery in Waregem and the German military cemetery of Menen are both very important places of remembrance.

The fortresses of Bondues and of Seclin, the museum of the resistance in Villeneuve-d'Ascq and the birth house of Charles de Gaulle in Lille also testify of the people’s resistance during the Second World War.

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