Important celebrations and manifestations

Important celebrations and manifestations


From the XIIth century on, dukes and emperors have unconsciously shaped the identity of today's metropolis. The big popular celebrations of those days are still alive, even more than ever before. Costume parades and mediaeval reenacting bring families together. Under the bell towers, we see people catch "louches" (ladles) in Comines, "nieulles" in Armentières, puppets in Wattrelos or, in case of the feast of the Berlouffes, the streets all transform into an enormous garage sale. 

China ware is also inviting at Lille, for there is a fair that is huge beyond any measure. With two million curious visitors every year, this is Europe's biggest flea market. Mussels and chips for everyone! Other nightly appointments are those at the Roubaix arts fair: 24 hours of creation and of direct sales, image of a reinvented tradition. 

They have guarded the festivities for five centuries now: the Giants of the North are classified as Unesco world heritage. No parade is without these giants made of papier mâché striding through the streets, accompanied by music full of colors and oversized… definitely spectacular. 

Region of the Lys

Any occasion will do to celebrate in the region of the Lys! Either underneath the boiling summer sun, or in the warm atmosphere of the year's end or in early springtime, the region is bursting with festive events at any time of the year. First of all we have the Waregem horse races, the Feasts of Whitsun and the Kortrijk Humorology Festival.  

In early springtime, several cyclist events animate the region, amongst others the Tour of Flanders and the Ghent-Wevelgem cyclist race. Are you a music festival lover? Our appointments are basically at the "Labadoux" festival in Ingelmunster, a festival exploring the diversity of folk music or the "Rock op het Plein" festival in Wervik if the trio drums-bass-guitar is your sole religion. July starts with the Lys Feast organized by ‘Lys without frontiers’; next the region is animated by several cyclist feast where young ones and less young ones gather around their passion for cycling. Events not to be missed, uniting thousands of people in the valley of the Lys. We are waiting for you. 

Picard Wallonia

Picard Wallonia is a cozy region rich with traditions, living by the rhythm of its numerous popular and folkloristic feasts. For many generations, these celebrations are celebrated with plenty of enthusiasm. This is the case for the famous Ducasse of Ath with its giants' parade (David, Goliath, the horse Beiaard,...), today registered on the Unesco cultural heritage list, or the carnival of Tournai, attracting thousands of people of all ages every year around the float and brotherhoods who parade in the streets and the Carnival King, who always ends up burned at the stake. 

Silly celebrates the May Planting with a trunk sculpture contest called "Sites en Ligne" and organizes the Green Theater Festival welcoming numerous theater companies every year, amongst which the incredible "Baladins du Miroir". 

The "Pays des collines" region (hill region) is renowned for its fantastic folklore and its big witches' Sabbath at Ellezelles in the month of June. Mouscron celebrates its "Hurlus" and Comines has its Parade of the "Mountches".

Each year in August, the Beloeil castle gardens are the scenery for the classic concerts of the Beloeil Musicals, and the chamber music festival of the Musical Meetings of Enghien is internationally renowned by music enthusiast. 

We are waiting for you.

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