Soft traveling

Soft traveling

Lille Metropolis

For Lille Metropolis public transport development and soft mobility was a priority above all. 

Exploring the Lille Metropolis is first of all using a large number of services made available to tourists and the local population. On top of subway, tramway, bus and other river shuttles, there is now the possibility to explore the city centers on foot. Worthy of special mention there are the "V’lille" bikes, allowing free urban circulation, much appreciated by tourists as well as citizens of the metropolis. 

The Lille metropolis profile also includes its network of green roads and cycling routes (250 km), which take the visitors to the numerous parks managed by the Lille Metropolis Nature Area.

Region of the Lys

A bike is the best vehicle for exploring the Region of the Lys and the Westhoek Region, counting together as much as two thousand kilometers of sign-posted routes.

The density and the quality of the cycling network, the sign-posted routes and the landscape diversity transformed the region into a cycling paradise and an area for responsible tourism. 

The Region of the Lys offers incredible services for cycling tourism: bike renting, transport and repair, one day trips, and bicycle transport, all of this at very reasonable prices. Most of the bike renting centers are located nearby public transport points (busses and tramway), for a day of 0% carbon emission. 

But cyclists are not the only ones to be pampered in this region. In the valley of the Lys, there are over five hundred kilometers of roads for walkers, passing along Flanders' most beautiful landscapes: the Mortagne Region south of Kortrijk, the ancient battlefields around the city of Ypres or the Flanders' Mountains and the Hopland Region of Poperinge. Of course, time for a beer and a typical meal is part of the experience.

Picard Wallonia

Wallonie picarde, well-known for its natural landscapes, its historical heritage (Tournai, Lessines, Beloeil...) and its many breweries, is the ideal region for hiking and cycling!  A new, 1600 km long network of signposted cycling routes will enable you to discover beautiful plains and hills as well as cities full of character.   Small countryside roads and green routes (RAVeL) connect not only the two nature parks and the tourist sites of Wallonie picarde, but also the North of France and the Flemish Ardennes.  Along the way, several types of accommodation, restaurants, bars and attractions featuring the label “Bienvenue VĂ©lo” give cyclists a warm welcome.


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