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  • Architecture


    Admirers of architecture can satisfy their thirst for discovery in the Eurometropolis. The urban landscape here is an incredible mix of styles and periods. The Grand Boulevard embodies the symbolic...

  • Major events

    Major events

    You are never at risk of boredom in the Eurometropolis, as the area really does offer something for everyone. To start with there is the "Braderie" when stalls line the streets of Lille, with tonnes...

  • Gastronomy


    Lovers of good, honest, generous fare will find plenty to excite them in the Eurometropolis, with its fine range of typical regional specialities accompanied by high quality local beers brewed in the...

  • Large scenes and Cultural Factories

    Large scenes and Cultural Factories

    Are you a lover of culture in all its forms? Contemporary music, digital cultures, dance, plastic arts: you will find all of these in the astonishingly varied and lively schedule of the "Fabriques culturelles",...

  • Great museums

    Great museums

    The museums of the Eurometropolis bear witness both to its rich history and to its present day role as a cultural hub. The Palais des Beaux Arts in Lille houses the finest art collection in Europe after...

  • Watercourses


    The Eurometropolis is cut through by a dense network of navigable canals and waterways which connect towns and villages in France and Belgium like a blue corridor, offering locals and visitors many...

  • Parks and castles

    Parks and castles

    A number of impressive chateaux each recount in their own way the complex history of the Eurometropolis and its great families. Do not miss their gardens either, as these offer unique views of the buildings....

  • Industrial heritage

    Industrial heritage

    The historical development of the Eurometropolis Industry is closely linked with industry, and the textile industry in particular. In the 19th and 20th centuries the city of Roubaix was one of the largest...

  • Shopping


    Shopping is a passion in the Eurometropolis, fashion simply second nature. From its century-long tradition of trading the Eurometropolis has retained a taste for fine boutiques and a particular fondness...

  • Remembrance Tourism

    Remembrance Tourism

    Being a border zone, for many centuries the Eurometropolis has been one of Europe’s battlefields. Lying as it does at the crossroads of the fate of nations it has seen much and has preserved many...

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