Nature areas

Nature areas

Nature is largely present on the Eurometropolis territory through green recreation areas equipped for the active explorers and vast nature reserves and parks encouraging sustainable tourism.

Nature reserves

  • Brielmeersen Recreational domain : This recreational nature site of 40 hectares lays between the river Lys and the Schipdonk canal, in the center of Deinze. The offer is top notch: nice walking tracks, leisure lakes, animal park, lawn, educational woods, swamp biotope and a water sports port. Children can have fun on the playground whereas the parents keep an eye on them from the terrace of the outdoor café at the Laakmeershoeve. .
  • Marshlands of Harchies: these marshlands, a major ornithological site in Wallonia, are a dedicated water zone of biological interest. On a surface of 550 ha, several observation stations make it possible to see the kingfisher, mallard, heron and common gull or even the bittern. The visitor reaches these places on foot or by bike, taking the 7 km loop around the water surface, discovering its richness, on his own or accompanied by an experienced guide.
  • The Prés of Hem: in the middle of 120 hectares of nature, located around a magnificent lake of 45 hectares, numerous "nature" activities, sports activities and playful events are waiting to be experienced by you. Here adventure is within reach: the barefoot track of the "Vanupieds", the smugglers' swamp, the beach and its monitored swimming area, the farm with the exhibition on famous navigators and its stock of rare domesticated animals, and last but not least the various "adventure tracks". Would-be sailors should direct themselves to the sailing school, classified as the first of France in the field of inland waters.

Nature parks

  • West Flemish Scheldt region: The rolling landscapes with beautiful panoramic views are a perfect setting for walks, bicycle and mountain bike rides. Numerous cycling and walking routes take you over flat or undulating paths, along the River Scheldt and the Bossuit-Kortrijk canal, via former railroad beds ... With seven signposted walks and the ‘Land van Mortagne’ walking network, the West Flemish Scheldt Region attracts numerous walkers. The Leiestreek cycle network and the range of mountain bike routes ensure that the region is also explored by many cyclists.

  • "Pays des Collines" region: at the other side of the linguistic frontier, in Wallonia, the same landscapes are crowded with legendary and imaginary creatures. From an idyllic point of view it is a well preserved area, dotted with pollard willows and bushes, mills and exceptional walking tracks. A land of rich folklore where microbreweries are also flourishing. 

  • Plains of the Escaut: a territory where woods and fields are of a well-preserved nature. The nature park of the Escaut plains is made of water: swamps and water areas structure the landscape, hosting a rare, diversified fauna and flora.

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