Urban walks
  • Lille, the metropolis

    Lille, the metropolis

    Lille is at the same time, one thousand years of history at the crossroads of Europe, and a metropolis with the future in sight and always generous hospitality. City of Commerce and Industry, Lille M...

  • Kortrijk, medieval and dynamic

    Kortrijk, medieval and dynamic

    City with medieval accents located on the Lys, Kortrijk is both a historic city with a rich heritage and one of the most dynamic economic centers in Flanders. Global linen center during the eighteen...

  • Tournai, thousands of years old and city of gastronomy

    Tournai, thousands of years old and city of gastronomy

    Tournai, a city with a prestigious past crossed by the Scheldt, is one of the oldest cities in Belgium, along with Arlon and Tongeren. Famous figures such as Clovis, Charles V and even Louis XIV have ...

  • ALL TO

    ALL TO

    The Eurometropolis Tourist offices are there to welcome you and guide you through a territory where friendliness and kindness are second nature. Do not hesitate to open the door or pick up the phone t...

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