Kortrijk, medieval and dynamic

City with medieval accents located on the Lys, Kortrijk is both a historic city with a rich heritage and one of the most dynamic economic centers in Flanders. 

Global linen center during the eighteenth Century, even today Kortrijk still has an impressive reputation in the textile industry. It’s beautiful pedestrian-only shopping streets encourage strolling about. Those with a passion for history can follow the marked itinerary that takes the walker on the trails of its prestigious past: from the Broel towers to the belfry, passing through the beguinage (the latter two being included in the Unesco heritage list) without forgetting the museum of the famous Battle of the Golden Spurs, founding milestone of Flemish identity. 

The city also boasts new cultural attractions, with the beautiful renovation of the Municipal Theatre and the old Tack brewery, new creative hub of the city. 

City of innovation, invention and design, every two years Kortrijk organizes the Biennale Interieur, being much more than an exhibition, as it is a cultural event that has rocked the entire city at the rhythm of Belgian and international design. 

For those loving active tourism and bicycle, Kortrijk is at the heart of a magnificent region to be explored by bicycle. While stopping for a short break during the ride, do not miss the International Rose Garden on the route, where there are many very beautiful varieties of roses.

Kortrijk is waiting for you! 

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  • Belfry of Kortrijk

    Belfry of Kortrijk


    The belfry of Kortrijk, in the middle the Grote Markt square, was originally one of the towers of the former cloth hall. The cloth hall was first mentioned in 1248 and was torn down at the end of the...

  • Kortrijk Beguinage

    Kortrijk Beguinage


    The Saint Elisabeth Beguinage dates back to the year 1238 and was listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1998, a unique piece of history in the heart of the city. The beguinage has been destroyed several...

  • Budascoop



    The Budascoop is an art cinema in Kortrijk. The name refers to the Buda island, on which the art centre is situated.

  • Kortrijk 1302

    Kortrijk 1302


    On 11 July 1302 the Battle of the Golden Spurs was fought on Groeningekouter. Kortrijk 1302 is dedicated to this battle. You can touch coats of mail, swords and maces there, you can see the protagonists...

  • The Church of Our Lady and the Counts’ Chapel

    The Church of Our Lady and the Counts’ Chapel


    Count Baldwin IX started construction works on the Church of Our Lady in 1199. All that remains of this early Gothic building are the west façade, the nave and the transept. The rest was added later on....

  • Saint Martin's Church

    Saint Martin's Church


    Saint Martin’s church dates back to the 12th century, but has of course been rebuilt and altered numerous times over the past nine hundred years. It features quite a lot of art treasures, but the pièce...

  • Buda factory

    Buda factory


    The Buda Factory (Budafabriek), housed in the former Desmet-Dejaeghere textile factory on the Buda Island, is the first economic and artistic workshop in Flanders. Entrepreneurs, students, artists and...

  • Hibiscus



    Villa ‘Hibiscus' has two rooms on the first floor, each with its own toilet, shower, TV and kitchenet. Together the rooms can be rented as an apartment or as a holiday home. Ooigem is a peaceful village...

  • Kortrijk town hall

    Kortrijk town hall


    Kortrijk’s town hall was built in Gothic-Renaissance transition style in 1520. The niches in the façade contain statues of the main Counts of Flanders. Inside the town hall you have the beautiful aldermen’s...

  • International rose garden

    International rose garden


    The international rose garden, a park covering an area of approximately one hectare located near Kasteel ‘t Hooghe, includes a test garden where 100 to 150 new rose creations by European plant breeders...

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