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  • A famous detective in Ellezelles!

    Ellezelles is indeed honored to count among its ancestors one of the world's most famous crime novel heroes: Hercule Poirot! The statue of this city's son is attached to the wall of the Pays des Collines Center (on the Square). 

  • 19, Place de Lille…

    This is where is the smallest home in Tournai is, on the right hand side of the Sainte Marguerite church that it seems to crush.
    For a long time it was a hair salon, even up until the 70s.

  • Are you afraid of… dinosaurs?

    A real dinosaur skeleton is displayed in the Iguanodon Museum of Bernissart. It is 5 m tall and 130 million year old!

  • A cue + discs + a table = ?

    Everything you need to play the “jeu de fer” (iron rod game)! This is a game that is still typically played in Tournai Aux Amis réunis, rue Saint Martin, 89 in Tournai. You can also see it displayed in the old cabaret  of the Folklore Museum. 

  • «White land», beer or region?

    Both! This refers to the Antoing region and a triple high fermentation beer (8%) created in its likeness by the Brunehaut brewery. This family brewery (rue des Panneries 17 - 7623 Rongy) can be visited upon request throughout the year, tasting included of course!

  • Where can you stand to benefit from one of the most beautiful views in the world?

    On top of the Kilimanjaro? On top of the Eifel Tower? No, it is the center of the 7 star Pavilion in Enghien that you have this privilege. In addition, this ancient baroque belvedere is located at the heart of a 180 ha park in where it is possible to take nice walks…

  • Meet movie stars!

    The first one participated in the “The tiger brigades” series. The second one took part in the film “The Longest Day” ... We are talking about city stars Rochet-Schneider from 1913 and Horch from 1934 And many other stars at the Mahy collection Automobile Museum in Leuze.

  • Did you know? “La Voix du Nord” (The Northern Voice) was born during the resistance…

    This daily regional paper was originally an underground newspaper from which a resistance movement emerged. The first of the 65 numbers which came out clandestinely is dated 1st April 1941. Two very different people were behind the origins of the newspaper: Jules NOUTOUR, a socialist member of the S.F.I.O (French Section of the Worker’s International) and Natalis DUMEZ, member of the Social-Catholic movement. “La Voix du Nord” wasn’t published officially until the 5th September 1944 under the responsibility of Jules HOUCKE. To be discovered: the clandestine issues of the “Voix du Nord” are archived at the Fort de Bondues!

  • The smallest basilica in Belgium...

    You will find it at Tongre-Notre-Dame, in the city of Chièvres.  It is an ancient place for Marian pilgrimage which dates back to 1081. The basilica dates back to 1777. It houses the statue of Notre-Dame de Tongre that seems to have a miraculous origin.

  • The 1st capital of the French Kingdom is … Belgian!

    This capital was Tournai. It is the birth city of Clovis and the capital of the Frankish kingdom in the Vth Century. The tomb of Childeric was discovered at the feet of the Saint-Brice church. The objects found in this tomb are displayed at the archeological museum.

  • American cemetery ‘Flanders Field’ (Waregem)

    Flanders Field is the only American cemetery of the First World War in Belgium. This stylish military cemetery counts 368 tombstones made in white Carrara marble. The carefully cured two hectare park is definitely worth your visit. 

    American Military Cemetery ‘Flanders Field’

    Wortegemseweg 117 

    8790 Waregem

    Tel: 056 60 11 22

  • Did you know? Charles de Gaulle...

    General and President of the Republic from 1959 to 1968, Charles de Gaulle is above all known universally for his radio call to resistance which was broadcast on the 18th June 1940, and for founding the Vth French Republic. Born in Lille in 1890 at 9, rue Princesse, he was always very fond of his home town and its inhabitants. Throughout his life, Charles de Gaulle was to defend “France’s honour” and enforced his views on an international scale. He became President of the Republic in 1959 and developed a prestigious foreign policy and national independence. He resigned in 1969 after his project for regionalisation and Senate reform was rejected by referendum. He died in Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises in 1970. A town square, a university and a Lille memorial bear his name, and the house of his birth has been turned into a museum.

  • Did you know? The self-tanning bathing suit, the silicon bra and the Bulgomme

    tablecloth were all invented in Roubaix… heat printing on fabric and optical fibre in Tourcoing.

  • Brown or blonde?

    You will find your happiness in Picard Wallonia: 14 craft breweries that produce a total of about one-hundred beers! To be discover and tasted (especially) during guided tours of the breweries or in the many pubs in this area.

  • Houp houp riki rikete…

    Pronounced with the right accent “Houp, houp, riki rikète, padzeur les haies et les bouchons (bushes) vole au diâle èt co pu lon” gently caressing Quintine, the witch of Ellezelles, located in the Pays des Collines Center (on the Square) and your wishes will come true…

  • Better than Phileas Fogg!

    You will not tour the world in 80 days, but in one (very full!) day ... at Pairi Daiza. A landscape park of 55 ha, which includes 5,000 animals in semi-freedom, invites you to discover China, Indonesia, Australia, Africa... Change of scenery is certain.

  • Did you know? The VAL,

    the first ever metro without a driver, was inaugurated in Villeneuve d’Ascq in 1983. The first Lille-Villeneuve d’Ascq line was opened simultaneously

  • Ghost alarm...

    There are numerous legends surrounding castles and their ghosts... The Antoing Castle is no exception to this rule. Its ghost will show itself when looking into the small mirror in the chamber of the great tower, at the stroke of midnight…

  • Jukebox Museum (Menen)

    This unique museum opened its doors in April 2012. During your visit, you’ll see a nice collection of many beautiful, unique devices. You’ll learn all about the interesting history of the jukebox, and be initiated in the technical secrets of these machines. The dazzling design and exceptional music is overwhelming.

    Jukebox Museum

     Site Roussel

     Wervikstraat 192

     B 8930 Menen

    Opening hours

    Individual visitors: on Sundays from 2 p.m. till 6 p.m.

    Groups are always welcome upon reservation.

  • 6.30 m & 636 kg

    This is the size and weight of the Bayard horse, a giant from the Ducasse of Ath procession which takes place every 4thweekend of August. It takes 16 carriers to make him dance to the sound of the band. The Ducasse of Ath is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.  The House of Giants (Rue de Pintamont 18 – 7800 ATH) retraces its history.

  • How do you say «paradise» in ancient Persian?

    «Pairi Daiza». It is actually the oldest name ever given to «paradise». This name means «walled garden». A 55 hectare garden at the feet of the ruins of the Cistercian abbey of Cambron, protected from the outside world by a three kilometer long wall.

  • Did you know? A toy trade fair takes place each year in Wambrechies…

    In September every year, lovers and collectors of dolls and antique toys gather together at EUROTOY, a fair organised by the Musée de la Poupée et du Jouet ancien (Museum of Dolls and Antique Toys). This international exchange brings together collectors of toy cars, dinky-toys, trains, boats, bears, porcelain and celluloid dolls, puppets and other accessories found in attics. This event takes place over a weekend and attracts over 3,000 people. 

  • The Hurlus strike again...

    These rebels are running wild in the city of Mouscron, especially in early October during the “Hurlus Festival”. The entire city is animated by bands, historical parade, petanque game and giants' parade. They are known for having looted, in particular, the Castle of the Counts.

  • Giant mushrooms...

    No, you are not having a hallucination! Here, in the Natural Park Center of the Escaut Plains (Bon-Secours), the Escale forest will let you live a fun and amazing exhibition trail on the life of the fauna and flora. Attention, the voyage ends with a virtual flight in a hot air balloon.

  • Say YES to the Roman bride!

    The Aubechies-Beloeil Archeological Site and Museum offers the possibility of a wedding or confirming your vows. An original and fun experience organized by a reconstitution company in the heart of the open air archaeological park. By reservation:

  • Did you know? The radio message from London announcing the arrival in Normandy...

    ....was deciphered in Tourcoing, in the 15th German army HQ which now houses the Musée du 5 juin 1944. Verlaine’s message: “les sanglots longs de l’automne blessent mon cœur d’une langueur monotone.” (“The long sobs of the violins of Autumn pierce my heart with monotonous languor”)

  • De Zalm (Roeselare)

    Situated at the corner of the ‘Grote Markt’ in Roeselare there is the famous De Zalm tavern, a café whose history goes back as far as the 15th century.

    Here they serve unique regional beers, but also typical Flemish dishes, often prepared using beer. De Zalm is the only place in the world where the ‘Foederbier’ beer from Rodenbach is on tap, an exclusive experience not to be missed. Rodenbach was called ‘the world’s most refreshing beer’ by the famous beer expert Michael Jackson. 

    Tavern - Restaurant de Zalm

    Grote Markt 24

    8800 Roeselare

    Tel: 051 20 00 81


    Opening hours

    Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays from 10 a.m. till ...

    Mondays from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. (kitchen closes at 2 p.m.) 

    Sunday from 11 a.m. till ...

  • Did you know? "L'Internationale"...

    composed by a native of Lille, Pierre Degeyter, is sung for the first time in the city in 1888.

  • The opposite of fast food is...?

    Slow Food! In Silly you will find the greatest defenders of this art of life. Slow food is taste education, defending biodiversity and privileging local products. Taste it from the many restaurants and producers in the city.

  • Did you know? The Carambar chew comes from Marcq-en-Baroeul…

    In 1954, at the DELESPAUL-HAVEZ chocolate factory in Marcq-en-Baroeul, a major question is asked: what could be made with the left over cocoa? After much thought, Misters Fauchille and Gallois decided to mix it with caramel… A new chewy sweet was born: the Caram’bar ! It was immediately successful with children… and also with parents. Since then, the funny caramelised bar with red and yellow wrapping has not aged at all…

    The Carambar (now only one word) has simply lost 4 grams and grown by 13 millimetres.

    It looks like it will be going for years!

  • Audio-visual guide to the time of our Ancestors!

    Visit the Museum of Rural Life of Chièvres as if you were accompanied by your grandparents ... This is possible thanks to audio-video guides available at the reception on IPod, with which you will benefit from the testimonies of the locals.

  • Follow the blue lights in Ath…

    They will guide you on the ancient tracks of the Dendre, towards city attractions: The House of Giants (the start of this walk called the «The circuit of Light»), the Burbant castle, the houses of Beugnies street, the Gallo-Roman complex. The walk is entirely audio-guided.

  • Churchill in Ploegsteert!

    In 1916, the British Prime Minister stayed here during the Second World War. Here you can find the impressive Memorial inaugurated in 1931 and the British cemeteries that pay tribute to the soldiers who died for freedom. 

  • Did you say agri-sculptor?

    This is the «profession» of Patrick Jouret, the artist who populates the Martimont woods with his enchanted creatures ... They are made from recycled, industry and old farmhouse objects. Discover them during a walk on the enchanted Path in Frasnes...

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