Lille Metropolis

Lille Metropolis

The entire welcoming atmosphere of the Lille metropolis is reflected in its gastronomy. Tasteful and generous, it is at the same time a testimony of this exceptional region, where Flemish traditions are proudly preserved and combined with an artistic touch of the French "savoir vivre".

Among the numerous culinary specialties, three dishes with strange names display the originality of dining in this metropolis. The Flemish "carbonnade" (small pieces of chopped beef in beer), the "waterzooi" (chicken or fish with cream and chopped vegetables) and the "potjesvleesch" (meaning literally "small terrine with meat", a terrine of white meat in jelly). Worthy of mention are also the rabbit with prunes, for those who love sweet-savory dishes, and the famous mussels with chips, the genuine culinary symbol of the big September Braderie! All dishes are generally accompanied with a traditional beer brewed in this region.

Next there is the cheese, especially the Vieux Lille (related to the Maroilles) or the cheese called "carré du vinage".

As for local sweets, they are bias towards vergeoise  (blond or brown sugar obtained from a syrup made out of sugar beet pulp), used in sugar cakes, caramelized pudding, filled waffles and the "babeluttes" from Lille (typical caramel bonbons).

Finally, any good meal ends with a jenever, a cereal spirit aromatized with juniper berries (a specialty of the city of Wambrechies).

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