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  • Beer and jenever

    Beer and jenever

    The beers of the Northern region and Belgian beers are part of all festivities and contribute to the enjoyable atmosphere for which the Eurometropolis is so renowned. 

    The hop plant is...

  • Speculoos


    Speculoos is at the same time a local product and one from abroad: a small short crust biscuit with a strong identity, typical in the North (always served with coffee or tea) and at the same...

  • Chocolates, in the land of black gold

    Chocolates, in the land of black gold

    It is hard to describe the sensuality and the pleasure experienced when a chocolate truffle gently melts on your tongue and feel how the mixture of sweetness, bitterness and a slightly euphoric...

  • Waffles


    It is no mere coincidence that even in Central Park in New York there are Belgian waffles sellers: it is simply because they are the best of the world! But each region prepares them in their...

  • Local pubs

    Local pubs

    Being the real cultural value of the Eurometropolis area, local pubs are much more than just simple cafés. These pubs have a soul! And typical for this soul is the cozy atmosphere and a...

  • Local dishes

    Local dishes

    Lovers of true, generous gastronomy will find plenty of tempting, delicious food to try out on both sides of the frontier as there is a vast range of typical regional dishes waiting to be...

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