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  • Antoing, capital of the White land

    Antoing, capital of the White land

    The limestone quarries around Antoing gave it its nickname of White Land capital. The city is dominated by its castle from the 12th Century. This fairy tale property of the Ligne Prin...

  • Armentières, green lung

    Armentières, green lung

    With its Près du Hem (120 ha) and the Lys river crossing the city, Armentières is the green lung of the Lille metropolis.

    Ideal for walking and hiking in green areas,...

  • Ath, city of giants

    Ath, city of giants

    First city fortified by Vauban, Ath, nicknamed the City of Giants and Green Country capital, is a city to be explored on foot. It has many museums (the Gallo-Roman complex, the Museum of...

  • Beloeil, its castle

    Beloeil, its castle

    Located between Ath and Tournai, Beloeil has numerous treasures, in particular its castle. This Hainaut residence of the Princes of Lignes family since the fourteenth Century, stands at the...

  • Chièvres, the museum of rural life

    Chièvres, the museum of rural life

    Chièvres is essentially known for its air base. 

    The entire airbase history is shown, from its establishment in 1917 until today, through the windows of a C119.

  • Comines, country city

    Comines, country city

    Nestled in the heart of the Lys valley, Comines has for centuries drawn its wealth and built its growth on agriculture and the textile industry. 

    As a border town,...

  • Comines-Warneton, land of surprises

    Comines-Warneton, land of surprises

    Comines-Warneton is multifaceted: the Lys valley riverfront, the woods and walks in nature, the textile past and the museum of ribbon and other museums and monuments to be visited. It is...

  • Dadizele, pious and gourmet

    Dadizele, pious and gourmet

    Many Flemish people know the Moorslede municipality through Dadizele, a village that is part of the bigger community of Moorlede. This traditional pilgrimage place also housed until recently...

  • Deinze


    Deinze is the dynamic centre and the gateway to the East Flemish Lys Valley Area. Highlights are definitely the Castle Ooidonk, the nature and recreation area the Brielmeersen, the marina, the Museum...

  • Deule Valley, along the waterline

    Deule Valley, along the waterline

    The city of Wambrechies lives by rhythm of the Deûle. Near its banks, the lords of Wambrechies built their castle, which now houses a museum of antique dolls and toys.


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